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4 Reasons Clients Hate Writing Mistakes in B2B Content

man shouts into white phone about writing mistakes
Clients respond positively when B2B content is written flawlessly, but quickly get turned off if they find any writing mistakes.

Before you sent that proposal, posted that blog, or published that web page, did you notice any writing mistakes?

Believe me, your clients and prospects did.

B2B clients are always assessing other companies to better understand who they are dealing with, and their go-to measuring stick is client-facing written content.

So, I ask again, are you sure there were no errors?

Before you go back and review your text, read on to find out why flawless written content leaves a lasting good impression on existing clients and gives prospects the confidence to reach out and engage.

1 - They can't understand what you do

There's nothing more off-putting than visiting a website to learn about a business only to be greeted with confusing jargon and poorly written statements -- if people can't understand what you do, they are less likely to engage with you, leading to immeasurable lost conversions.

It's vital that your message is clearly and accurately conveyed from the get go, as well as at every point of contact through the lifespan of the business relationship, otherwise you run the risk of alienating customers and driving away business.

2 - Writing mistakes lead to a lack of trust

Whatever your industry, it's inarguable that consistently high-quality service delivery establishes a level of trust between client and vendor. Well, the same is true for website copy, written communications, and client-facing text.

Perfectly written content helps clients to trust in your brand and trust in the relationship, leading to more projects and more sales.

When you focus on attention to detail and can produce clean copy, it greatly helps to build trust in your brand and trust in the relationship, leading to more projects and more sales.

3 - They feel insecure about their data

Ask yourself, would you share your bank details with a website that asked for your bank deetales? Probably not, right?

In today's digital world, where data security is paramount, clients are heavily scrutinizing partners to find similar writing mistakes. Don't let a minor spelling goof damage your image and credibility.

4 - They can't be proud to work with you

When clients find a great partner, they will want to shout it from the rooftops and inform their stakeholders and customers about it. However, they are less likely to do that if the partner's website is a minefield of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Don't cause unnecessary embarrassment to you and your new clients; start publishing strong, informative content and fix any existing writing mistakes before sharing it with the world.


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