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Content Creation for the Outsourcing Industry

Supercharge your content strategy by enlisting writers who understand your sector. 

With years of experience writing for BPOs, contact centers, and software development outsourcers, we can help you engage with your audience and boost your marketing wins. 


Our Writing Services

Build brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and increase website visits with an expertly written article.

Make a lasting impression within your industry, with topic-driven articles that are authored by us and credited to you.

Before you launch a new page on your website, ensure the copy is flawless, informative, and aligned with your brand.

Mistakes are embarrassing and potentially costly, so hire an expert to comb through your writing and fix the errors.

The perfect way to announce a company expansion, fresh leadership team, or new product launch.

Financial Data

Inform and amaze your audience with data-driven, proprietary research on unique trends and topics.


Studies show that over 40% of clients are turned off by mistakes in B2B writing, resulting in damage to brand trust and reduced customer engagement.


When misspellings and grammar issues start to repel readers, the credibility of your business will drop, leading to lost sales and a tarnished reputation.


Flawless copy shows that your business cares about quality, assuring clients of your ability to handle projects with the same attention to detail.


By releasing fresh, clean content and fixing mistakes in existing text you can boost client interest, increase sales, and elevate your company to new heights. 

Why Choose Cognitive Copy?

Along with our passion for the written word, we are experts in many different industries with corporate experience in numerous global markets.


Our writers know your sector, know your audience, and know what drives your clients, resulting in better content every time.

This mix of knowledge and ability is how we deliver intelligent writing services for your business.

Client Feedback

"We engaged Matt to support with ad hoc, long-form copywriting. His experience of the BPO and CX spaces shone through in all his work, with his ability to deliver articles in specific sectors including retail, telecoms, and financial service hugely beneficial to our overall content strategy."

Gordon Ross

Head of Marketing

Webhelp (UK Region) and GoBeyond