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Proofreading and Editing

When it comes to client-facing documents, website copy, or printed materials, spelling mistakes in the text, no matter how slight, can be a costly, reputation-damaging issue.


While spellchecking technology has come a long way, these tools still cannot recognise when valid words have been used incorrectly, resulting in lost meaning and confused readers. They are also incapable of spotting errors in email addresses, telephone numbers, and other highly specific details that are necessary for client engagement. 

Our experienced editors and proofreaders will ensure that your documents ​are clean, accurate, and consistent, offering their expert advice to improve on your message while maintaining your reputation for quality and excellence.

What is included with this service?

  • An expert editor with years of professional experience 

  • Tracked changes for you to review and approve

  • Suggestions to improve brevity, flow, voice, and overall message

  • Fast turnaround and "always open" communication

What is the editing and proofreading process?

Send us your documents and we will swiftly return them free of errors with tracked changes and suggested improvements. It couldn't be easier.


How much does editing and proofreading cost?

Our pricing model is simple, flexible, and competitive. Editing and proofreading services are charged according to the required volume. Contact us below and we can discuss the option that is best suited to your business.

All Services

Build brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and increase website visits with an expertly written article.

Make a lasting impression within your industry, with topic-driven articles that are authored by us and credited to you.

Before you launch a new page on your website, ensure the copy is flawless, informative, and aligned with your brand.

Mistakes are embarrassing and potentially costly, so hire an expert to comb through your writing and fix the errors.

The perfect way to announce a company expansion, fresh leadership team, or new product launch.

Financial Data

Inform and amaze your audience with data-driven, proprietary research on unique trends and topics.

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